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Shelving and Racking Products
  • We buy and sell new and used pallet racking and shelving.
  • Appointments are available Monday to Friday. Please call ahead and ask for Chris or Colin 613-547-4400.
  • Used products are constantly “moving” in and out of our shop, and are subject to availability. If we have what you need, please don’t delay, and make your purchases today.
  • Delivery is available, please give us a call for a quote.
  • On site visits are available. Please call for an appointment.

Pallet Racking (New & Used)

Pallet Racking is available in a number of brands, with quite a number of sizes available. Most commonly we stock new and used Reddi Rack; however we do occasionally get Centennial, Masto, Maxi, Beamlock, and Interlake. Common depths that we have in used are 24” 28” 36” 42” 44” 48”. With heights, we have anywhere from 4’ to 20’. We can order most sizes of new racking. Please give us a call with your requirements, as our inventory is always changing. Ask for Chris or Colin 613-547-4400

Metalware shelving

Metal Ware (boltless) Shelving
(New & Used)

Metal Ware Shelving is available in New or Used, and sometimes a combination of both, depending on inventory. In used, we commonly have 12”x36” 24”x36” and 24”x48”. We do stock new 12”x48” and 24”x48”. Post heights are 6’4”, 7’4”, and 8’4”. We can order most sizes, so please give us a call. Chris or Colin 613-547-4400.

E-Z Rect

E-Z-Rect Shelving

E-Z-Rect Shelving is available in a variety of sizes. Commonly, 18”x36” size is available used. We also have some 18”x48” and 18”x60” in limited quantities. The height of E-Z-Rect is 7’. We can order new if required. Please call Chris or Colin 613-547-4400.

Rolling stairs

Rolling Stairs

Rolling Stairs are available in Used. We have a variety of sizes in stock, such as 3-step (27” platform height) and 12 step (9’ platform height). Please give Chris or Colin a call with any questions 613-547-4400.

Glass Showcases

Glass Showcases

Glass showcases are occasionally available, and currently we have a number that are 18” deep, 48” wide, and 40” tall. Please call with any questions 613-547-4400.



Used Lockers are usually available in “triple banks”. Occasionally we do get singles, or quads. We also occasionally get multiple door lockers. Please give us a call with your requirements. Colin or Chris 613-547-4400.

Pallet trucks

Pallet Trucks

Used Pallet Trucks are often available. Please call for details, Colin or Chris 613-547-4400.

Used Sign Cabinet

Used Sign Cabinets

We have a good variety of used sign boxes at competitive prices. Some of the sizes are 4x4, 3x16, and 2x8, 3x9, 30”x16, 4x6, 4x10…and more. Used signs often need new ballast/bulbs. We do not make any guarantee as to whether they work or not, and we always recommend that you plan on replacing them. Please give us a call with any questions, Colin or Chris 613-547-4400.


Currently we have used rolling clothing racks for sale. If you need something related to shelving or racking please give us a call. Colin or Chris 613-547-4400.